Life is much more than a journey to me - much more than putting one foot in front of the other. It's taking a footpath that suddenly  appears at the side of the road and following it just because I want to know what's there.

I spent most of the first part of my life moving around, from my childhood in Montreal, Canada and Connecticut, to a year in Europe and Israel, where I hitchhiked, worked and lived from Paris to Formentera, a tiny island in Spain, and volunteered on a dusty kibbutz.

A few weeks after I got back, I took a Greyhound bus to Vancouver, on the West Coast of Canada. A year later I headed to the East Coast by train.

Along the way, I did stints at three universities, worked in cafeterias and fast food restaurants, and sorted mail at a post office. What always fascinated me were people and their relationships. I wrote everywhere I went.

I married and had two children, who are raising families of their own now. We live in Los Angeles and I work as a freelance writer.

I’m still fascinated by people and their relationships. Much of what I’ve learned inspired my novel,
Now I Remember I Love You.